David displayed artistic talent from a very early age and spent most of his spare time at school and at home drawing and sketching.

He studied agriculture at college and later went out in the field as a farm machinery representative. During this time he suffered injuries to his knee whilst demonstrating a tractor and was hospitalised for four months. It was here that David turned his attention once more to drawing painting. When he resumed work, he treated his art as a hobby until 1968. Encouraged by sales and the interest in his work, he left the tractor firm and travelled for five years around Australia painting as he went.

David’s versatility can be seen throughout his work in all media. He is one of a select group in Australia who is as proficient in watercolours and pastel as he is in oils and acrylic. David has now established his name in the field of sculpture. His limited edition bronzes have earned much praise from his peers and are now well sought after pieces. Wherever possible David uses live models. He starts by moulding in clay with continual refinement to achieve the technical precision for which he is noted. From the clay original, he then utilises the ancient art of “Lost Wax Casting” to produce the finished article. His sculptures are often highly tactile causing you to reach out and touch…..