Deirdre Bean is an internationally awarded and exhibited natural history artist with a career spanning more than two decades. She has been influenced by traditional painting methods and Deirdre brings this to bear, translating her fine illustrative style into a fresh contemporary practice inspired by the natural world.

In 2016 Deirdre graduated with a PhD (Natural History Illustration) for her research on Australia’s mangrove species. While completing her PhD and subsequently Deirdre had the opportunity to teach Natural History Illustration to undergraduates. Her teaching appealed to a cross-section of students. She was well-known and regarded for her good humour and devotion to her art and the teaching her students.

As a teacher, Deirdre combines theory and technical advice with straightforward practical instruction. With an in-depth knowledge of her medium and extensive teaching experience Deirdre inspires, demonstrates to, and guides a class while encouraging the unique style of individual students.