EASEL Art Space Workshops and Gallery are elements of the company Synergy: Arts Science and Engineering Pty Ltd.


Our location at The Old Newcastle Station (1858) proving to be in perfect synergy; a location of significance to the arts, architectural, engineering and industrial heritage of Newcastle beside her hardworking harbour. A noteworthy place where the interaction of arts and sciences and the resulting creativity, thinking, making and invention are honoured.


​ Newcastle has flourished because of the interaction of her people; coming from all corners of the world bringing their creativity, skills and aptitudes to bare in a resource rich natural environment. Culminating in building a formidable industrial centre that is now emerging into a city of remarkable beauty where a lingering industrial atmosphere, picturesque working harbour, heritage architecture and stunning natural beauty are in unique juxtaposition.


Our desire is to nurture the beauty, creativity and scientific imagination that exists in such a city.

Easel Art Space


  • Facilitate and organise workshops, exhibitions and events that provide opportunities for our community across all ages
    to experience the arts and also the synergy of the arts and sciences.


  • Support local creatives, artists, makers, scientists, engineers and educators; drawing upon their skills and knowledge.

  • Operate a high-quality Gallery that is onsite and another online to showcase our arts and arts/science interface.