I sometimes think there is a bit of nomad in me as I’ve changed my address so many times. I’ve lived in Europe as well as diverse areas of Australia including the Simpson Desert and Kakadu National Park. For now I’ve settled in another beautiful place of Australia, Port Stephens, NSW.

My studio overlooks the bay, giving me a connection to the ocean which I love. The vastness and wildness encourage my thoughts and ideas. In my current work. I use this powerful environment and play with it by contradicting both realistic and non-realistic themes. My work develops in series which reflect my changing thoughts and stories as I grow up.

Each new storyline in my work comes from a variety of different sources. Often they come from thoughts and feelings, reflections on my own life journey, as well as little objects which I’ve collected. I compose these in an antithetical style which becomes a narrative. I consider myself a storyteller; a fabulist.

My studio practice involves both painting and printmaking techniques. A few years ago I bought a second hand printing press online which had a unique lean to it, lots of rust and in need of some love. It has been straightened, restored and powder coated in an adorable, electric blue and now has a special place in my studio. I love learning and experimenting with different techniques and methods, and aim to expand my studio into more varieties of ways to tell my stories.