Gail is a retired teacher who has  been creating artwork all her life. Since retirement art has been a fulltime passion.

Gail experiments in a number of mediums and has participated in a number of courses and workshops in Australia and overseas to  develop her skills and to further her love of art and creativity. The mediums Gail enjoys most are acrylic paint,  alcohol ink, wool silk and other natural fibres, mixed media, paper collage, charcoal and pencil. Her inspiration is mainly drawn from nature.

Gail learnt the art of felting from a well known textile artist who exhibits all over the world and has even followed her tutor to Portugal for an intensive workshop on felting. Gail thrives on the creative process and believes you should never become stagnant in your art or creativity. She has her own studio at home and has exhibited in many mediums in both solo and group exhibitions.