The natural world is captivating. Being able to observe and reproduce it through illustration affords an understanding of life that can transform thinking about both ourselves and our environment.

The field of Natural History Illustration has been the way in which scientists have recorded observations and detail of the natural world for centuries. It is these records, at once artistic and scientific, upon which understandings of the natural world have developed. This specialised art/science is about observing and illustrating subjects from nature, science and culture, with their connection to the environment being pivotal.

Scientists today still call upon the detailed drawings of the natural world from past and present times to inform species identification. Illustrations are detailed and nuanced in a way that no camera can replicate.

Most of the artists represented in the Natural History Illustrators’ Exhibition have been teachers and students at the University of Newcastle where they learned the essential skills and techniques that have formed the base for creating accurate and stunning replications of subjects from the natural world.

The University of Newcastle boasted world-standard instructors who modelled practical skills developing their students progressively towards becoming skilled artists who have established themselves as leaders in this field. The artists in this show are among those.

Our artists have taken their leadership and training as Natural History Illustrators into all aspects of life and found their own way. Passionate artists, extending their skills into the realms of fantasy and whimsy, continuing to use them as scientific and medical illustrators, animators, book illustrators, storytellers and others fascinated by drawing, painting, sculpting and interpreting nature’s wonders each with their own unique style and perspective.

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The artists represented in this Exhibition are: