Peter has been fascinated by pyrography for many years. He has also been interested in the ancient maritime craft of scrimshaw. He completed the online Natural History Illustration course.


Pyrography is also known as wood-burning and pokerwork. The name ‘pyrography’ is derived from Greek, and the name wood-burning is relatively obvious, coming from the act of burning wood.

Pokerwork was a name developed in the Victorian era when metal pokers were heated in fire and used to do pyrography.


Scrimshaw is scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory. Typically, it refers to the artwork created by whalers, engraved on the by - products of whales, such as bones or cartilage. ... A maker of scrimshaw is known as a scrimshander.


In this modern era the crafting on whale bones is forbidden; however, the skill and technique is still being used by many around the world, substituting wood for whale.