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5 Ways an Artist can Engage with their Social Media Audience

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The upcoming artists of today have the unique ability to connect with their audience using Social Media. Recognizing the importance of reaching their desired audience (more than ever before), Artists are using Social Media to promote their art by engaging with people who admire their work. If you are an artist that finds yourself struggling to gain momentum on Social Media platforms, then you are not alone. The following tips are intended to help you improve your Social Media strategy.

1. Promoting Your Art

This can be easier than you might think. Social Media serves as a space where you can promote your art for free and share it with the world at large. Make an effort to understand and embrace what your followers are communicating to you and pay particular attention to their perception of your work. Try following these simple steps:

  • Regularly post images and videos of your artworks

  • Ask your audience for feedback

  • Read the comments left by our audience and reply to them

2. The ‘Story’ Behind Your Art

Telling the story behind your artworks can be a powerful tool to engage your Social Media audience and establish your particular ‘brand’ as an artist. By allowing people to step into your world you will be giving them a reason to connect to you and your art. The aim is to inspire your followers to ‘like’ ‘share’ ‘comment’ and communicate with you more feely. Find ways to share the following information about your art with your followers:

  • The reason you created it

  • Your inspiration to create it

  • The meaning behind it

  • Any personal connection you have with it

3. Sharing the Creative Process

The people that follow you on Social Media are already fans of your work, we’re not trying to win them over. To sustain their engagement and encourage interaction however, you need to provide them with something truly special. By sharing information on how you work ‘behind the scenes’ you help people to feel included and special in their own way. By getting to know you and your art better, they will be more likely to share your posts and engage on Social Media. Share your creative process by:

  • Sharing videos and images of candid ‘behind the scenes’ moments

  • Sharing stories or anecdotes about your journey through the creative process

4. Offering Master Classes

Your audience is not entirely comprised of people who appreciate art as viewers – there are those who are fellow artists to consider. Some of these artists may even look up to you as a role model or contemporary. To reach this part of your audience you can offer educational content like Master Classes or Q&A’s.

Using platforms like Facebook or YouTube you could try:

  • Recording videos or live streaming classes/workshops

  • Answer Q&A questions (live or pre-recorded) submitted via Social Media platforms

5. Encouraging Engagement

In order to encourage your followers to interact with you more regularly you need to reciprocate their efforts. They need to see you as social, interested and open to communication. You want to show your audience that you welcome their engagement and in turn, inspire them to respond in kind. As a general rule of thumb, make sure everything that you write or post on Social Media is proofread and accurate. Keep the following points in mind when engaging with your followers:

  • Answer all of their messages

  • Respond to their comments

  • Thank them for their support

In an age where Social Media dominates the majority of our recreational time it is extremely important that Artists motivate their followers to engage with them on Social Media. Try using some of the tips provided to strengthen the relationship you have with your followers and you’ll begin to see signs of improvement in no time at all.


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