Ralph Kerle is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary abstract art photographers, based in Sydney, Australia. His work has been featured in numerous photography exhibitions and galleries in Australia and world-wide. He creates photographic art by capturing real abstract images that exist in nature, focusing on water surfaces to create an abstract form of ocean and nature art photography.

Ralph’s work reflects his meditative and therapeutic experiences kayaking on Sydney’s harbour, where observing abstract images on the water’s surface opened his mind to new doorways of perception and creative inspiration. His digital art photography seeks to represent and communicate these transcendental moments experienced on the water.

Before his emergence as a photo artist, Ralph had been involved in fine art in Australia since the 1970s, graduating from the Victorian College of The Arts majoring in Dramatic Arts in 1979 and with a Masters in Creative Industries.

He came to prominence in Australia in the early 90s as an arts pioneer in multi-media performance whilst he was Associate Director of Sydney Theatre Company. This work led him to a decade or so in directing TV commercials with Australia’s leading advertising agencies.