Rod Bathgate's understanding and mastery of the pastel medium is remarkable. It is a challenging medium to use.
Rod is equally accomplished when using oils. He achieves complicated photolike compositions that detai light, water effects and beachscapes with a characteristic figurative element.

Rod is a master of managing clouds, light play over water and the gradation of colouring from the horizon. The way he conjures an ocean wave at all its stages of development up to the water’s edge is an object lesson in manipulation and the brilliance of this maestro’s touch. Rod is exceptional with his capacity to portray moving and still water.


"Through the medium of soft pastel, and using an 'edge to edge' technique, I hope to bring an intimate reflection of our beloved coastline, oceans, rivers, hideaways and enchanting spots.
I have always appreciated the jewel-like qualities of moving water- their hypnotic effects of the eye and their sparkling, cleansing feel. Through adapting a palette to suit the seascape, an almost unlimited vocabulary of flicker, refractions, shadows and reflections, merge to give me the desired finish.
I believe pastel can achieve much more than any other medium in creating alluring scenes. Even today my desire to discover more about this ever-changing subject grows more and more.
My love of water and natural beauty in all its facets has drawn me back time and time again to, hopefully, discover more of its hidden charms."