Maddie loves detail and vivid, bright colours.  As an artist and illustrator, the areas where she finds inspiration and beauty are in heavily built up urban environments and the cultures that live within this. With both these areas is the idea of looking a little deeper and getting absorbed into the image. Maddie tends to work in a series when creating personal work, it may be a series of cityscapes or a series of portraits. Her artwork comes from a personal place of expression, as a child she grew up with her brother who has autism, and drawing was their way of communication. She still believes in art in this way and this is also one of her reasons for loving illustration. Maddie enjoys art that is accessible for everybody and always as a positive way of expressing yourself.

Maddie Egremont's 'Through the City' marks a turning point for Easel Art Space as we embrace the wide world web and all that technology has to offer for artists and galleries alike. You can view 'Through the City' via Kunstmatrix using the following link: Through the City 

A broad range of quality merchandise is also available to support this exhibition at Society6: Through the City Merchandise