After graduating from Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle with Distinction in 2017, Zoe has since moved to QLD where she follows a career in the zookeeping industry.

Art has always been in her family- growing up with a mother working as a practising artist she has been encouraged from a young age to always be creating and exploring different mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting animating and printmaking.

Influenced by a variety of artists from traditional oil and watercolour painters to more modern children’s book illustrators such as Shaun Tan she has been involved in a range of projects from medical illustrations published in Australian Geographic Magazine to Animations for music film clips.

Working in the zoo industry Zoe is able to experience first-hand being around some incredible species. Through her works strives to portray that closeness and detail she observes when working with these animals and hopes to encourage a love and appreciation from viewers so that we may support efforts to conserve vital environments for our precious wildlife.